Payday loan (Salary Advance)

Are you a salary earner?
Our payday loan provides you with unlimited access to financing dependent on your salary with no collateral and guarantor.

Business Loan

Our business loans which cut across, LPO (Local purchase Order) financing , vendor financing, contact financing, invoice discounting and SME funding provides our client (Contractors, Vendors, Employers and Entrepreneurs) with funding needed to complete orders and promotes sales.

Cooperative Financing

Our cooperative financing aims at offering small groups and artisans access to lower cost funding. However groups must be organised in cooperative, must be members of the same company and must have defined periodic earnings.

Simple Loan Process

Choose Loan Amount

Choose your loan amount and loan duration

Provide Document

Need to provide some basic document for verification

Approved Loan

Our loan specialist ask few question and verify documents.

Get your Money

Once loan request is approved you get loan amount credit.


Everything you need to know about it

Let us help you finance your assets

Our assets financing which covers equipment lease and Auto lease provides our clients(employees and entrepreneurs) affordability to acquire home appsliances, small business operating equipment and vehicles of their choice. Clients seeking to acquire this type of funding must demonstrate periodic income to be used in payment for appliances.


Our fixed term investments offer you flexibility with high rewards in achieving your investment objectives.

Take charge of your future.

With a base interest rate of 17%, you are assured of competitive returns with very minimal risk. You also get to decide for how long you invest your money.

We also provide a goal-oriented product that allows you make periodic contributions towards achieving your goals. Get high returns on your investments with today



Recieve your money in the most convinient way. Make a request on our website and wait for response within 15-30 minutes during working hours

Loan duration ranges from a month up till 18 months

No, you do not need a guarantor to collect loans

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